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PepsiCo’s Most Powerful Recruitment Tool is a Marketing Campaign

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Posted on Monday, March 28, 2011 9:09:23 PM GMT

The last couple of weeks have been nothing short of a rollercoaster ride for food and beverage giant PepsiCo. First news hit the markets that for the first time—ever—Diet Coke had overtaken PepsiCo as the second-most popular soft drink in the country behind Coca-Cola.

Right on the footsteps of this news that had the media—and bloggers—in a tizzy over whether PepsiCo’s Refresh Project is hurting their sales, the company announced the second phase of its women entrepreneurship program in partnership with international nonprofit Trestle Group Foundation, where senior leaders team up with women in emerging economies to provide them with mentoring, coaching, and other business development support.

It was perfect timing to connect with Chief Personnel Officer Cynthia Trudell.

Some of the questions on my mind: How does PepsiCo define CSR, what does Performance with Purpose mean for talent attraction and retention, and was the company reanalyzing its very bold Refresh project—which shifted advertisement dollars from Super Bowl ads to funding local crowd-sourced social enterprise projects?

2. Career

Initiatives like our current partnership with Trestle Group [The nonprofit group helps identify qualified women entrepreneurs in emerging economies and partners them with PepsiCo management who help them build skills, strategies, practices and networks needed to overcome barriers to growth, and further develop the entrepreneur’s business]* helps us achieve our second goal: Career development.

We have learned from our diversity and inclusion efforts that we need to mass-customize our development efforts as they relate to men and women, and work to identify that which isn’t common, but that which is different.

One of the observations that we’ve made over the years from our work with Trestle is that women aren’t always the best at mentoring and sponsoring other women.

This program then helps us show the power of women mentoring women and over time sponsoring them to advance to higher levels of management.

This is a personal passion for me. We have been advancing women throughout the company globally for a long time now and today women account for 30 percent of our management and executive ranks. And initiatives like this work perfectly in allowing women globally to learn from each other’s challenges.

It’s almost like a mini-globalization leadership development program—but a much more intense version. I’d like to expand the project throughout the company.

*More on the Trestle Group Foundation: By sponsoring the Partnership Program, PepsiCo addresses numerous social and business challenges, while simultaneously reinforcing the company’s established business purposes, including talent sustainability, diversity and inclusion, employee engagement, executive coaching, leadership development, attraction and retention of talent, CSR, sustainability, and contributing to emerging economies. More information.