Meet the Panelists: Figen Çakır

By September 12, 2013News, Rebecca Self

In preparation for last year’s Annual event at Zürich’s Widder Hotel 18 September, the Trestle Group Foundation’s very first entrepreneur, Luna Shamsuddoha, reflected on her experience six years earlier, saying, “It’s given me so much confidence as a woman in technology. I’ve seen a change in myself. I can’t stop talking about education. I’m heard in many places — in government, in NGOs, in Universities — saying, ‘Girls should study science, math, English.’ It’s the Trestle Group Foundation program that gave me the confidence to be in these positions.”

Our most recent entrepreneur, Figen Çakır of Figgi Yarns in Golcuk, Turkey reports the same:

“A lot of things have changed since we began just a few months ago. The most important thing is how I approach the people I do business with and how I communicate with them. My PepsiCo coachVera’s amazing insights and support has changed me a lot. The Foundation’s belief in me is beyond valuable. I’ve conducted my first successful negotiation with a supplier – I just waited him out – and have also found a new spinner at much lower cost.”

In Figen’s case, the results are tangible. The team from PepsiCo Europe has created a brand toolkit complete with new mission statement, a digital strategy, and a robust financial dashboard that’s clarified her primary strategic focus for the coming years: increase sales volumes.


We’re thrilled to have Figen and several members of the PepsiCo team join us at the September 18 7th Annual Event. For more information, contact us.