The Trestle Group Foundation’s award-winning Empowering Women Entrepreneurs Partnership Program identifies qualified women entrepreneurs in developing and emerging economies and partners them with established business professionals who help build the skills, strategies, practices and networks needed to overcome barriers to growth, and further develop the entrepreneur’s business.

This customized, relationship-based program provides a unique blend of executive coaching, collaborative team support, skill building and networking – actively engaging resources to open doors to new business opportunities.

Combining these methods delivers extraordinary results, accelerating professional and personal growth beyond levels achieved through conventional coaching and mentoring programs.

The Partnership Program also aims to support economic opportunities within the entrepreneurs’ wider community by helping these women fulfill their potential and achieve long-term business success.

What differentiates the Trestle Group Foundation is its background in and commitment to business drivers, both for the women entrepreneurs and sponsor companies.

Through the Partnership Program, Trestle Group Foundation seeks to provide support for women entrepreneurs who have established and grown businesses to a point where they are interested or able to expand, either within their own markets or internationally, however they are limited by challenges including:

Access to networks and resources to effectively develop and grow business Knowledge of international markets and standards

  • Access to business management “best practices”
  • Strategic planning
  • Financial Planning
  • Required sales and marketing strategies
  • How to best utilize IT
  • Access to strategic sparring partners
  • Legal assistance and support

Women entrepreneurs interested in participating in the Partnership Program should posses the following characteristics:

  • Founder, chief executive or director of current business
  • Business has been in operation for more than three years
  • Business model is proven and scalable
  • Have a dedicated and professional management with relevant experience
  • Have a proven track record and strong financial discipline
  • As business grows, new employment opportunities are created
  • Primary support required for growth is not financial
  • Willingness to share financial and strategic information with Trestle Group Foundation
  • Committed to succeed – meeting established program timelines, goals and objectives
  • Ability to speak English
  • Available to participate via telephone, teleconference and electronic mail
  • Willingness to travel internationally to meet with Trestle Group Foundation supporters
  • Willingness to serve as a Foundation champion and role model for other aspiring entrepreneurs


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