Message from Co-Founder & Managing Director Dana Brice Smith

It is my pleasure to tell you about Trestle Group Foundation – an innovative, Swiss-based, nonprofit organization dedicated to creating and expanding sustainable economic opportunities in developing and emerging economies by supporting high-potential women-led businesses.

Built by entrepreneurs for entrepreneurs, upon a new model of nonprofit support, and guided by the belief that entrepreneurship fuels the engine that drives economic opportunity, growth and social progress, the Foundation’s mission is to empower and accelerate women entrepreneurs in emerging economies.

I am excited to announce today our new 20:20 Initiative and our ambitious goal to empower and accelerate 20’000 women entrepreneurs by 2020.

Why? With the right support, women can be the fastest growing economic force in the world. Successful women entrepreneurs in emerging economies provide more than just economic opportunity and growth, they deliver social impact and change.

How? Linking human capital, networks and resources, our vision is to deliver a combination of our flagship Empowering Women Entrepreneurs Partnership Program for high-potential women entrepreneurs and customized training for early-stage women-led businesses to build sustainable pipelines and communities of women entrepreneurs.

Where? Our focus will be in the Middle East, Eastern Europe, Asia/Asia Pacific, Africa & Latin America.

I encourage you to learn about the 20:20 Initiative, our programs, and why individuals and leading organizations partner with the Foundation to support women-led businesses in emerging economies.

What differentiates Trestle Group Foundation is our background and commitment to business drivers – both for the women we support and our sponsor companies.

We look forward to the opportunity to earn your support and participation.


Dana Brice Smith

[email protected]