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August 2012

Introducing Wrap Up Africa, a business built to support families facing cancer

By | News, Rebecca Self

Letha Sandison didn’t start Wrap Up Africa because she’d always wanted to build a business; she saw a need and asked, “What can I do?”

Cancer kills more people than HIV, tuberculosis and malaria combined. In Uganda, where she and her family were living, Sandison encountered countless families struggling to save children with cancer (especially highly treatable Burkitt’s Lymphoma). They were unable to pay for chemotherapy or basic living expenses. Letha is an artist and admired the local textile traditions, so started building an organization to train relatives of pediatric cancer patients to be tailors, then sold their products in her native United States. Demand for Wrap Up Africa’s services has been overwhelming, and the business model recognized by the Clinton Global Initiative and Lance Armstrong’s LiveStrong Foundation.

The Trestle Group Foundation, with generous support from COFRA Foundation, is assisting Letha as she builds a sustainable, high-end fashion business that will serve families for years to come.

How can you support Wrap Up Africa?

There are many ways you can support Letha’s great work:

Wrap Up Africa seeks bridge funding as the business grows. This funding will cover salaries, provide technical training for tailors, and improve the machinery on which tailors work.

By addressing middlemen and corruption, Letha has driven down the cost of chemotherapy per child from over $1000 USD to just $544.  Click here to donate now to help Wrap Up Africa provide life-saving chemotherapy.

Watch the video below to learn more about the remarkable market-based solution Wrap Up Africa provides for these families in their time of need and far beyond.


Wrap Up Africa from Amanda Bontecou on Vimeo.

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