To deliver sustainable economic opportunities, growth, and social progress in emerging economies through entrepreneurial and professional success.


To link human and financial capital, networks, and resources to address the challenges and opportunities of STEM-focused (Science, Technology, Engineering & Mathematics) young professionals and entrepreneurs in emerging economies through structured programs focused on developing a sustainable pipeline and community of successful businesses and businesspeople.


Identify and support high-potential young professionals and entrepreneurs at each critical stage of growth.


Deliver scalable programs that provide vital support to high-potential young professionals and entrepreneurs. By connecting human capital, networks, and resources, Trestle Group Foundation programs address the “missing link” needed for long-term sustainability and business success.


Trestle Group Foundation has been working to empower young professionals and entrepreneurs in emerging economies since 2005. Long-term business success ensures more than economic opportunity and individual freedom: it drives social progress and delivers shared value for all involved.



Thomas Gustinis

Tom is the President and Chairman of the Board of Trestle Group Foundation. Tom is also the Chairman and co-owner of Trestle Group Ventures which consists of Trestle Group Consulting,4th-ir
(a venture in Artificial Intelligence with outside investors) and the ICO Factory (a venture in crypto and blockchain with outside investors).


Aline Carnizelo

Aline is the Vice President of Trestle Group Foundation. Aline has fourteen years of experience in financial markets including portfolio management, fundamental research, artificial intelligence big data analysis and forecasting, ESG/ impact investing and reporting. She is Portfolio Manager of Pala's
proprietary liquid investments.


Daniel Boadzie

Daniel is an Artificial Intelligence Engineer and Data Scientist with many years of experience building AI products and teaching his skills. He is a co-founder of Artificial Intelligence Movement(AIM) which is now Trestle Academy Ghana. He is currently the Director of Trestle Academy Ghana


Dana Brice Smith

Dana is a senior international executive with a unique blend of experience, including marketing, technology, strategic communications, nonprofit leadership, philanthropy (social and economic impact), and entrepreneurship. Dana co-founded Trestle Group Foundation in 2005 and now serves as a senior strategic advisor to the Foundation.


Robert Aggor Wonders

Robert is an aspiring young entrepreneur who is an enthusiast about Robotic Process Automation. He also has a profound knowledge in E-commerce and also served as Project Lead for two start up companies in Ghana. He Co-Founded Artificial Intelligence Movement(AIM) club which is now Trestle Academy Ghana. He is currently the Director of Innovation and Entrepreneurship at Trestle Academy Ghana.





Delivering a portfolio of Foundation programs in Ghana since 2018.



New program development and implementation coming in 2021!


Get Involved

Trestle Group Foundation has no endowment. The ability to accomplish our mission rests upon the generosity – both time and financial donations – of those who support the Foundation’s efforts. We actively pursue alliances with like-minded organizations, encourage individual and business sponsorship, and facilitate direct participation in Foundation programs. Be a force that is drives innovation and solutions that will change the world for good.

Ways to Make a Difference

Sponsorship & Partnerships

Sponsor an entrepreneurial partnership or program through your company or organization. Programs are designed to align with and reinforce established core values and objectives of businesses and organizations – delivering shared value for all involved.


Contribute your time and skills by participating in Foundation programs. We need executive coaches, guest lecturers/presenters and ambassadors to deliver and promote the Foundation’s efforts. We are excited to work with you.


Your financial contribution translates into critical support and services for STEM entrepreneurs and young professionals in emerging economies. The value of your investment multiplies through the delivery of programs that positively impact communities and countries.

You can donate via our bank Credit Suisse:
Account Number: 0835-1575389-61
Account Name: Trestle Group Stiftung Bank Name: Credit Suisse Bank
Address: Paradeplatz 8 CH-8070 Zürich
BAN: CH13 0483 5157 5389 6100 0

Trestle Group Foundation is a registered (No. CH-440.018.28-4) tax-exempt, non-profit, private Swiss foundation without political or religious affiliations.

Hackathon9th - 13th November, 2020

Trestle Academy Ghana Hackathon 2020


We held our first hackathon on November 9​, 2020 – the first day of the five-day hackathon. Fifteen young programmers participated in the challenge, including ten who participated in person at the Trestle House, while the rest joined remotely. We grouped them into three teams comprising five participants each.

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